How I Became a Nomadic Worker

Since 2006 I’ve been working without an office – traveling and exploring the hidden nooks in my own city in search of the creative inspiration I could never find in an office job. What I found while on the road was so much more.

What I discovered overturns the very notion of the so-called work/life balance we strive for. Through sheer determination over time, I honed in on what makes working without an office not just possible, but an entirely more whole life filled with adventure, creative productivity and the slow life I longed for.


Essentialism in Nomadic Working

As I introduced in my previous post that 2016 is my year of minimalism, I’d like to unpack that a bit here. I’ve culled my wardrobe and office. I’ been thinking about how I make new purchases, and now I want to focus on the thing that got me on this...

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Why, What & How to Buy Things

As a recovering collector, I’m trying to be smarter about why, what & how I buy things. Here’s what I’m thinking. Sustainability We all know the line; we can’t continue to make everything a commodity. We have whales washing up dead...

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Outdoor Health & Safety

Working outdoors has big health implications, but it also brings a few things to the surface that aren’t dealt with indoors. In this post, I talk about what I’ve learned about cold & flu, and dealing with insects and wildlife to stay healthy. Cold...

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A Culled Wardrobe

I’m going to share what my wardrobe looks like now. Like I said before – the wardrobe is one of the easiest places to start with minimalism – but remember that it’s not the end goal. That being said, I’ll share how I paired down mine to only the...

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2016 is my year of minimalism and headspace

At work we’ve been reading Greg McKeown’s Essentialism together. It’s been really enlightening. I read it in 2014 and remembered loving it, but didn’t have the space in my life to put any of it into practice. Now, as the kids get older and...

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Saving Locations

Took me a long time to realize I couldn’t just remember which cafe had great wifi, or which mile-marker that bench-like stump was off. In this post, I share a little bit about my journey of tracking locations. Back in late 2005 when I first started exploring new...

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Been off the grid. Little update.

Since my last post, I’ve started a new job, swapped cars, drove the family to California and back, quick business trip to NYC and navigated the hot, hot summer! Needless to say, it’s been busy. As I settle into my new (remote) job while the summer rages...

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Nomadic Working and The Weather

Having worked in so many climates, I’ve learned a lot about working outside and being prepared for any weather. This post outlines the core concepts behind being prepared, but also challenging yourself and finding your own limits.

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