Nomadic Working is an evolving, conscious lifestyle that uses strategic optimization and experimentation to craft a whole, adventurous, productive and inspired journey of working without an office. This website is where I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in becoming a Nomadic Worker. Join me on this adventure.

–Chris Lorensson



Instead of working in an office, nomadic workers constantly explore new places and ways to work that are inspirational and productive.


Nomadic Working is about crafting a fulfilling whole life in an age where the boundary between life and work is becoming increasingly blurred.



Nomadic workers strategically research and experiment to address the challenges that come from not having a typical office at-hand.

What is Nomadic Working?

Chris Lorensson

Nomadic Worker, Designer

I’m a husband and father of two. I design digital and physical experiences for a living. I love the outdoors, bicycling, wrenching on cars & trucks, writing books and poetry, and coffee. Drinking coffee, not writing it. That would just be weird.

In short, Nomadic Working is working without an office. For me, Nomadic Working looks like this: I wake up at home, pack and leave by car, foot or bicycle. Throughout the day I find new locations to work from for fresh inspiration. Sometimes it’s a park, sometimes it’s a café, sometimes I’m up in the mountains and sometimes it’s a tailgate party. Each time I go out, my circumstances change. It could be the weather, my transportation, my clothing and gear, or my location. I constantly take notes to strategically and consciously optimize my overall experience through experimentation, testing new products or building new habits. Then I go home to my wife Ruth and two kids, Titus and Penny… but that’s just me. Nomadic Working looks a little different for everyone, and that’s the fun! If you’re working without an office, I think you’ll enjoy some of the things I’m sharing on my blog, and I’d love to hear about how you’re doing it!

How I Became a Nomadic Worker

Since 2006 I’ve been working without an office – traveling and exploring the hidden nooks in my own city in search of the creative inspiration I could never find in an office job. What I found while on the road was so much more.

What I discovered overturns the very notion of the so-called work/life balance we strive for. Through sheer determination over time, I honed in on what makes working without an office not just possible, but an entirely more whole life filled with adventure, creative productivity and the slow life I longed for.

My name is Chris Lorensson. I’m a husband, father, designer, writer and cyclist. This is the true story of how I became a nomadic worker.